Saturday, February 20, 2010

Techno Geek Stuff

10.1", 250GB netbook with an acclaimed 9 hour battery life for uploading and saving pictures during the trip. Very compact and light. Software installed includes:
1. VSO picture resizer for uploading manageable sized photos to the blog.
2. Dragon voice recognition software for dictating and logging days events.
3. VholdR digital camera software for organizing and storing trip videos.
4. Word for documenting trip events.

Also shown is a 250GB external hard drive for backing up all photos, videos and transcripts cause ya never know. The digital reorder seems like an easier way to capture highlights rather than writing it all down on paper. There is an external jack that can plug into the headset for recording while riding. :)

Rider Gear

Helmet is an Arai XD3 for a few reasons:
1. Arai seems to be the only helmet that fits my head properly
2. Cross between a dirt and street helmet
3. Sun visor
4. The face shield can be removed and goggles worn for dusty dirt rding

The Scala Rider headset and the VHoldR digital video camera. The mic nicely tucks in to the front chin of the helmet with plenty of room to spare.

Olympia AST jacket and pants. I have tried them out in -2 celcius without an electric vest but i did layer. Cozy warm. Only thing is the pockets seem a little small. Would also like to have some side entry pockets for documents and stuff.

Venting seems to be good but i have yet to try this feature out.

Waterproof pockets are a must.

Pants come with a removable liner as most and a full length zipper which is nice.

The Garage

Many long hours were spent in the "garage" figuring out what accessories were required and of those, which brand to go with. Jessies for the panniers, Touratech for foglights and skid plates and rotopax for fuel and water containers.

Another view of the garage. You can see the Touratech engine guard on the left side of the bike. Tires are the Continental TKC80s. The seem to wear ok but still debating on what the final rubber will be. There is no such thing as a good dual purpose tire that grips well in mud, dirt and gravel and wears well on miles of tarmac.

The fuel containers are lockable to the mount but still trying to figure out a way to lock the cap in place.

Radiator guard, skid plate under the engine and a second one attached to the kick stand. There is also a wide kickstand support plate for parking the bike on soft terrain.

Touratech foglights and headlight grill were also added.

The Zumo 660 GPS. Waterproof and bluetooth to a Scala Rider Q2 headset.