Monday, May 24, 2010

Meds & Vaccines

If anyone is even remotely interested and why you would be is beyond me but I'm bored so ....

YF-VAX - Yellow Fever vaccine
Menactra -Menigitis vaccine
Twinrix - Hep A & B (3 separate shots)
Typhim VI - Typhoid vaccine
Imovax - Rabies (3 separate shots)
Dukoral - traveller's diarrhea (2 doses)
Dioxycylin - malaria tablets
Tamiflu Capsules - influenza
Diamox - high altitude sickness
Zithromax - general antibiotic

First Bike Pack Job (Part 2)

As promised, a photo of the "tree trunk". The ride this morning proved to be a very pleasant experience as it wasn't the constant right arm wrestle with the handle bars the last one was. Its amazing how things stabilize nicely once you rub two brain cells together, take a minute to think and then find the proper weight distribution. By the way, the two, one gallon fuel cells attached to the top box are full and didn't seem an issue on tarmac or hard pack gravel ... I reserve the right to change my tune at a later date. :)

Oh, yes, there is enough room for me on there. BMW provides a shoe horn complete with embossed logo for just such occasions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Bike Pack Job (Part 1)

Well, now that I have gathered most of my gear (albiet filters and such) I attempted to pack the "mule". Every blog and article I have read with respect to adventure riding has a top 5 list of things that need particular attention and packing the bike was one of them. Each one of them adamantly stated that you would invariably ditch half the gear you originally tried to pack, either because it all won't fit on the bike or you did manage to pile it into every nook and cranny and eventually ditched it en route.

Here's a first look and ya, I have some work to do given that isn't all of it!!

Now the front view .....

Ok, so you cant see much. I'll post a better pic as I'm too lazy to do it tonight. You may be able to make out the waterproof duffle on the pillion seat. Also of note, the tank bag is missing which looks like a tree stump mounted to the bike! You'll see what I mean when I post the pic.