Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Aid Kit

Bandage Materials

gauze roll (1)
Tefla non adherent pad (for road rash) (6)
5" x 9" sterile gauze pad (1)
eye pads (2)
3" x 3" gauze pads (6)
40" x 40" x 56" triangular bandage (1)
mole skin (1 pkg)
small bandage (8)
medium fabric bandages (6)
medium plastic bandages (12)
finger tip bandages (2)knuckel bandages (2)
rectangular bandages (2)
tensor bandage (1 roll)
tape (1 roll)


scissors (1)
tweezers (1)
thermometer (1)
syringe (1)
scalpel blades (2)
safety pins (6)
CPR mask (1)
medical examination gloves (2)
splinter removers (2)
4.5" x 36" pliable SAM splint


Antiseptic towelette (10)
Moist towelette (wet nap) (6)
alcohol prep towelette (6)
Antiseptic hand cleaner (5)
After bite towelette (8)
Aloe Vera cooling gel (1 bottle)
sterile saline wipes for eye area (2)
Sterile saline wash for eyes (1 bottle)
Iodine ointment (4 pkgs)
Polysporin complete (1 tube)


purified drinking water (two 125ml pkg)
wire splint (1)
hand warmer (2 pkg)
cold pack (1)
Q-tips (10)
emergency blanket (1)
good first aid booklet


  1. RT -

    I love the blog!!! But - i'm very unnerved at the idea of you carrying a scalpel and a syringe........


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