Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 47 - Mancora Beach, Peru

RobT:  We spent the day at the beach - pure hardship.  :)  Went for a swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.  We stayed at Mancora Beach and Bungalows resort and we had a great room with an ocean view with a large private terrace, complete with a hammock .  The hotel was situated on the old PanAmerican highway, which at one point was paved but now its all sand.

RobC:  The Mancora Beach and Bungalows belongs to the son of some colleagues from the Peru days. I remember David as he was growing up and studying at the Roosevelt international school in Lima. A polite and intelligent chap, with a keen eye for business. He and his wife now have three hotels: one in Lima, the one where we stayed on the beach in northern Peru, and one in the San Blas Islands, Panama. The last one looks like quite a paradise (see

RobC, suffering ....

RobT enjoying a mouth full of salt water.

RobC rinsing his arm pits.

View of the pool from our balcony.

Laundry on balcony railing.

This boat had been converted into a small lounge near the beach.

The beach ... ahhhhhh.  And it's winter back home ... .right?

Mototaxi to downtown Mancora ... which wasn't much to write home about.

Tomorrow, the long coastal desert road south to Trujillo.


  1. Ah Mancora what a place, I remember that hotel with fond memories. We watched the world cup a couple years ago there. Glad to see you guys are enjoying it.

  2. Hi Mig, that must be 4 years ago if it was the world cup. I didn't see any waves good enough to surf for you, but I guess you have to go to Punta Sal for that. You should check out David W's new place in Panama - I hear he is looking for good people. :-)

  3. RT and RobC,

    i think this must have been your shortest posting to date......clearly, you were overwhelmed by the stress of having to spend the day on the beach!