Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 59 - Ayacucho to Andahaylas, Peru

RobT:  We have beautiful sunshine this morning.  It looked like it was going to be a decent riding day - sure! Not with that little black cloud hanging over my head.  An hour down the road we were into rain ... again ... and hail, up at 4,000 meters (13,500 feet).  But the good news is that it cleared up at a little later when we hit the altiplano - high plains.

RobC riding the dirt on the altiplano at about 13,000 feet.

RobC:  Vicuñas, a protected species of the smallest of the three Peruvian camelids: llamas, alpacas, vicuñas. The Peruvian government used to guard and protect the remaining vicuña herds in the altiplano, but the natives continued to poach them for meat, until the government came up with the idea to have the natives guard and care for the animals in return for the profits from their annual wool sheering. Problem solved.

RobT:  The road on  the altiplano was one of the most scenic rides yet, which lead down into the valley through 20 km (13 miles) of switch backs and hairpin curves.  Amazing!!

RobC admiring the scenery ... once again.

A house along the road.  Typical of what we have seen.

Looking into the valley below.

RobC lost his mind for a second thinking he was a mountain goat or something ... using some pampas grass as a perch, trying to get a different angle for a photo.

Riding on the twisty gravel road.

Mountain village along the route to Andahuaylas.

(RobC:  The ATB group from last summer may recall this gas station and canned tuna stop in Ocros.)

We had lunch here, soup with a chicken foot in it.  Interesting building with a very uneven dirt floor, plastic sheeting covering the ceiling (I suppose it leaked), a generator inside and farm animals running around inside the restaurant.  Those are the bathrooms behind RobC ... the kind he likes [to avoid] so much.

Arrived in Andahuaylas in the rain and cold, after having driving many miles on slippery pre-paving road construction.  Seems like a recurring theme lately.  Man, were we cold and wet.  It was one of those rains that was not heavy but persistent and nasty.  We found the hotel RobC stayed at with his son Miguel last summer when they did a ride here.  We even got the same room.  Everything was wet with only a faint hope that some of the moisture would evaporate by morning.  Nothing like starting a day in wet gear. 

RobC:  Today's ride was 256 km (165 miles) and took at least 10 hours. We have now done a total of 10,500 miles (16,300 km) in 8 weeks.


  1. Familiar pictures!! And no wrong turns! All that rain, I guess you might be happy if you get to a desert.... We remember that gas station, do they remember us?? haha

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