Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 66 - Brasileia to Rio Branco, Brazil

The clerk at the hotel we stayed at in Brasileia let us park our bikes in the hallway.  Pretty cool!! (Especially since it was raining torrentially.)


"Widow maker" .... I suppose I don't have to elaborate on that.  The hot water selector is at the top of the shower head and the breaker would be on the wall inside the shower in some cases.  Nice, eh?

Left town with the idea we would try for the border of Boliva at Guajara-Mirim.  Well .... it rained .... "NO", you say .... yup.  We rode about 20 km past Rio Branco before we decided to give up.  What we saw in the distance was something we really didn't want to contend with for 4 more hours.  The sky was black and mean looking.  We turned around, tucked our tails between our legs and headed for shelter.

Rio Branco was a weird town with so many dollar type stores crammed into 2 city blocks it was dizzying.  I went out looking for a convenience store but there was nothing.  Never had this problem before.  In Brasileia, the gas station had one but half the selves were bare and what was on them was mostly booze and the odd chocolate bar.  Strange.  However, the riverfront in Rio Branco was very pleasant with restaurants, live music and a neatly lighted pedestrian walkway across to the other side of the river.

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