Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 106 - Cape Town to Cape of Good Hope and back

RobT:  We decided today was a good day for a short run on the motorcycles to get ourselves accustomed to the left hand driving, see some sights and just to ride.  It's been a while since we had a good day of riding.  Our chosen route was supposed to take us around the city of Cape Town; however, we ended up in the downtown area, which turned out to be quite nice.  Very little traffic on a quiet Sunday morning.  We reconnected with the original route on the other side of downtown.  M63 took us between the famous South African sites of Table Mountain and Signal Hill on to Hout Bay along a twisty residential road. 

From Hout Bay we drove the stunning, scenic coastal road called Chapman's Peak Drive.  Further south we rode through several small towns including a stop for lunch in Scarborough for some excellent fresh fish and then on toward Table Mountain National Park and the Cape of Good Hope.  We retraced the route to the park entrance, turned right and continued north along the east side of the peninsula toward a quaint little harbor town called Simon's Town (circa 1800s) and then circled back to Cape Town. 

RobC buying glass bead artwork from the locals.

A view of Hout Bay

 Some graffiti that caught my eye.

Hout Bay. The start of Chapman's Peak Drive.

Chapman's Peak Drive, 9 km, 114 curves.

RobC in awe that he is actually at the Cape of Good Hope, the famous place he learned about during his early geography lessons in the Netherlands.

 Coast along the Cape of Good Hope.

Most south-westerly point on the African Continent

The winds were so fierce at the Cape of Good Hope that our motorcycles were almost blown over.  Seriously.  They rocked back and forth as we were off taking photos.  Every once in a while we'd look back to see if they were in need of rescue.

 No shame here.
Several baboons and their young were meandering along the road.

It was a great way to start off our African portion of the journey.  Tomorrow we get new tires and some service done at the Hamman BMW dealership in Cape Town and on Tuesday we heading east toward the beautiful Garden Route.


  1. hola robc soy francisco de argentina (hotel refugio)quiero felicitarlos por el viaje que an hecho con todorovich un abrazo grande

  2. Seems you were sight seeing already.

  3. Hola Francisco,

    Nos acordamos de ti y tus colegas y compañeros son mucho cariño!! Ustedes nos ayudaron durante los momentos más difíciles y nos dieron un hogar y el apoyo que nececitábamos en el momento. Ahora, como ya has leido, hemos superado los problemas mecánicos y logísticos, y ya estamos en Sudáfrica disfrutando de la segunda parte de nuestra aventura.

    Gracias por las felicitaciones y algun día nos veremos nuevamente en Quitilipi.

    Muchos saludos y abrasos a ti y todos tus compañeros!!


  4. Hi Chris,

    Yes, we did a bit of sightseeing on Sunday, before we visited you at the Hamman BMW Motorrad. We are always a couple of days behind on the blog - we will get the motorcycle repair day next.

    We are now in Plettenberg Bay and RobT is paying nearly 700 Rand to jump off a bridge tomorrow. For that money I think I will have a nice massage and a couple of good meals and a glass of wine. :-)

    Best wishes and greetings to your father and the rest of the gang,

  5. In Plet allready, awsome.
    How was the Karoo Saloon. Worth the visit ?