Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 78/79/80 - Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

RobT:  Day 78:  Not much happened today, other than getting settled for the next few days and obtaining information on sites to see and for RobC to pack and cross the border into Brazil to catch his flight to Porto Alegre to see his wife, Gaby, for a couple of days. She was taking a bus to Porto Alegre from Punta del Este, Uruguay, where she is spending the holidays with her family. Not much activity, but it did take the whole day.

RobC:  I had a great couple of days catching up on three months of life with my dear Gaby. We took a short bus ride from Porto Alegre to a beautiful area called Gramado/Canela, a beautiful natural setting with forests, rivers, quaint German/Swiss/Italian towns and a multitude of blue hydrangeas, which is Gaby's favorite flower.

Gaby and her favorite flower, hydrangeas

Waterfall in Canela, Brazil

The happy couple - looking forward to many more happy years after the motorcycle adventure

Araucaria-type trees, somewhat different from the ones known in southern Chile and Argentina, and known in California as monkey-puzzle trees

Gaby in front of the house of a German settler family, The Franzen family. They served us Appfelstruedel that was very good, but not on Gaby's diet.  :-)

RobT:  Day 79:  Today I went to Iguazu Falls, on the Argentine side.  Stunning!  275 individual water falls along 2.7 km of the river, most of them on the Argentine side.  1.2 million liters of water goes over the falls per second.  The only falls with more volume is Niagara Falls.  You can view it from either the Brazilian side or the Argentine side.  It took all day to walk the trails, do a boat ride, a jungle ride and taking photos ... and I still didn' t see it all.  The parks surrounding the falls and the falls themselves are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The jungle tour where you see Tucans, monkeys and Iguanas.

I took the smaller boat on the river tour and got the first seat right up front.

 Santa Maria Falls on the left.

One of the tour boats heading up the Parana River to the falls.

Salto San Martin to the far left. Salto means falls.

 You can hardly breath from the pounding water once they park the boat under the falls.  Yeah, that's the boat at the bottom of the photo.  Okay, okay ... not DIRECTLY under the falls but pretty darned close.

This one is called, Garganta del Diablo, Devil's Throat.

Devil's Throat.  No zoom on the lens here, this is how close you can get.

View down river from Devil's Throat.

GI got TOTALLY soaked during this boat ride as they drove right into the falls!!!
Boat ride Iguazu Falls

Day 80: I tried to get into Braszl without a visa again but they wouldn't allow it this time.  The idea was to take a helicopter ride over the falls for 100 USD, but getting the visa would require applying on line and having to wait 24 hrs and we were leaving the next day.  So ... today was a relaxing day for me, bumming around town, doing e-mails and some awesome skyping sessions ... nice to have a good Internet connection.

Following are some video footage I was able to upload due to a decent connection.  Sorry, nothing from the Death Road in Bolivia, as the clip is over 2GB.  I filmed the entire road and Youtube doesn't allow anything over 2 GB.

Path along Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Bolivian jungle road


  1. This is Elizabeth from La Paz again , I have to say that your pictures are awesome, really you should think of publishing them at the end of the trip, hope you enjoyed getting wet at iguazu.

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