Sunday, March 28, 2010

Camp Gear

Part of this journey will involve camping to save money, enjoy the outdoors (like being on the bike isn't), and, on the off chance we get lost :), we can bed down pretty much anywhere .... we hope.

North Face Nebula -10 celcius mummy bag. Tried the North Face Kilo which is a 0 degree bag and froze my arse off on Manitoulin Island last year. The tent is a Mountain Hard Wear Hammer Head 2.

The bag packs up nice and small with the compression sack even with the 800+ goose down. Also have a silk bag liner for the cold nights in the Andes.

Another nice feature is the zippered pocket near the bag opening.

More essentials to appease the creature comforts;

Thermarest pad that fits into a sling to provide a very nice chair
first aide kit (complete list to follow)
MSR Dragon Fly stove
MSR water works II filter
Thermarest pillow
10 x 10 tarp for those rainy nights you don't want to be cooped up in the tent
MSR fuel cannisters which tie to the Touratech holder on the back of the Jessie pannier

Not appearing in the photo is the ground pad, Exped down mat 9 pump. AMAZING! Packs up just as small as a Thermorest.

Other items include:
Petzel head lamp
Swiss army knife
Gerber knife
mosquito netting
metal mug
LED flashlight

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