Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tool Kit

Alot of time went into researching a tool kit for the F800GS and I still have probably missed something. The key, I hear, is once you have assembled the kit, fix the bike with only the tools in that kit before you go on any major trip. That will tell you whether you have chosen the right tools. Weight is another factor, so try to get mutli-functional tools.

Many hours on the internet blogs like ADV Rider as well as talking to Ian at Wolf BMW, Les at Dual Sport Plus and anyone that would listen to my questions. Since Rob's bike is a 1150GS he will need a different tool kit configuration. That's the major downside to having two different bikes on a trip like this, you can't share tools or even split up the tool kit for weight distribution.

In the green canvas tool wrap there is:
Motion Pro Superlite T-6 hex axle tool 17/19/24/22mm with the 17mm sawedd to fit the BMW front axle
3 tire levers
#8 spoke wrench
metric allen key set
Torx allen key set
T55 male Torx socket 3/8" drive
E10 Torx socket 3/8" drive
E12 Torx socket 3/8" drive
13mm socket 3/8" drive
24mm socket 1/2" drive
3/8 to 1/2" adapter
3/8 to 1/4" adapter
3/8" drive
22mm combination wrench
19mm combination wrench
17mm combination wrench
13mm combination wrench
10mm combination wrench
combination screwdriver
small vise grips
needle nose pliers
various tie wraps
small adjustable wrench

The black bag consists of:
4 bike tie down straps for shipping
extra handle for the Jesse pannier
wire cable
filter wrench/4 crush washers
multi meter

The remaining items are:
D.I.D. chain
AFAM front sprocket. (rear yet to be purchased)
Motion Pro chain breaker and rivoting tool
hand pump siphon
2 oil filters and funnel
gorilla tape, electrical tape, two way tape, velcro
3L synthetic oil
Motul off road chain lube
Renthal oil chain lube

In the above photo there is:
front TKC80 spare tire
rear TKC80 spare tire
spare rear brake lever
spare clutch lever
spare front brake lever
spare shifter lever
spare front Metzler natural rubber tube
spare rear Metzler natural rubber tube
tire patch kit/valve stems
various nuts/bolts/hose clamps/wires/washers/wire connectors
alarm disc lock with reminder cable

.... and more kit:
booster cables
Mini Foot pump
JB weld
ROK straps
bike cover
Touratech straps
bungee web
2 into 1 aux power adapter

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  1. Okay you.....7 days and counting! Sooooo, you gonna post one more update and tell us all to kiss your butt as you ride into the glorious sunset on your big adventure????? Did you do anymore 'test' packs to ditch gear? Get acne (or other *ahem* side effects) from the all the prophylactic drugs (ewwwwww...)? C'! ;)