Sunday, March 28, 2010


The idea here is three changes of clothes, a set on your person, clean set packed away and a dirty set that will be washed later, rotate and repeat as needed. Necessary characteristics are quick dry and versatile. Three pairs of pants that double as shorts by zipping the legs off is better than 3 shorts and 3 pants. Layering is also a must for the colder rides. The Ice Breaker product line offers 100% Merino wool garments which dry quick, are anti microbial (no stink), ideal for layering and are comfortable and yes that means no itchy.

Some other items are quick dry shirts, quick dry under wear and wicking socks. I also have 2 pairs of riding shorts, same thing used by pedal bikers to keep from getting sore spots on their butts. The shorts contain a "chamois" integrated into them. Tilley sun hat to keep from getting skin cancer and Buff head wear for the bad hair daze. Flip flops for the gross showers and hiking boots for exploring ancient ruins. Colour coded organizing bags help keep things "in line". Compression bags to reduce clothing volume. These things act as a zip lock bag and by rolling them up tightly the air is forced out of valves at the opposite end. They work surprisingly well.

Ortlieb and a Seal Line waterproof wide mouth duffles for all the clothing. The Ortlieb is a 90L and the Seal Line is a 75L. Ya, i know, i could pack the kitchen sink in there ... and maybe I will.

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