Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 152 - Ngorogoro Crater, Tanzania

It was a 4 hour road trip to the Ngorogoro (means cow bell in Masai) Crater.  Once we arrived at the park gates the rest of the road was a dirt, rock, gravel , a 4x4 ride to the crater floor which in of itself took 45 minutes.  The crater was formed from a volcanic eruption that left this 1600 meter deep, 8km wide crater which now supports a diversity of wildlife which never leaves the crater.  We saw several Masai people along the road.  They are the only ones allowed to walk and live in and around the crater (too dangerous for tourists to step outside a vehicle). The main reason is they don’t hunt the wild game.  They are strictly cattle and goat farmers.  It’s amazing how much wildlife such a small area with very little vegetation supports.

Ngorogoro National Park Gate

Masai people on the way to the crater floor

View from "my" Land Cruiser

The ultimate in no stress.

Not a bad size animal.

Views of the crater from the lodge patio

The lodge was amazing, built on the rim of the crater with every room having a view of the crater.

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