Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 158 to 165 - Nairobi, Kenya

Spent the last week in Nairobi at a place called Jungle Junction,where adventure travellers on motorcycles, 4x4s or caravans come to rest, relax, fix their vehicles and restock on supplies.  You can camp or get a room at a good price. Chris, the owner, has catered to the weary traveller for the past 7 years.  Quite the place, tucked into a side street only a few kilometres from downtown Nairobi.

Jungle Junction

Met some real interesting characters.   Michnus and Elsebie from South Africa traveling on a couple of BMW Dakars, Martin and Wibien from Holland in a VW truck, a guy from Germany with a Fiat camper van, Mark and Brigitte from Holland in a Toyota Landcruiser and Andrew and Tina from France with their 2 young daughters.  Everyone with their own stories to tell and their own experiences to share. It was a lot of fun getting to know these people.

 One of the several braais we had.

The "German Guy" (never did get his name)

Brigitte, Mark and the "German Guy"

Martin, Elsebie and Michnus

Wibien and Martin
Nairobi has been somewhat sedate aside for the couple of times I headed out for a ride into the chaos which is the traffic in Nairobi.  Organized shipment of the bike as well as myself.  Chose to ship by air as it was only 200USD more and I figured if it went by boat the bike wouldn't make it past Somalia where the pirates would find it and use it as their new road gunship.  Went to the Giraffe Sanctuary, Karen Blixen house for lunch (she wrote Out of Africa), some local markets and a few other places. Other than that, Nairobi is just another big city.

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  1. ...and I was just about to ask Rob C if you had made it back to the North American continent yet...! I'm going to miss the exotic adventures and pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post them for us. Phyllis