Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 155 - Serengeti to Moshi, Tanzania

On the way out of the park at the gates to the Serengeti National Park are washrooms, rest area and snack bar.  A friend I had met, Jackson (who was on safari with Chad and Wendy), was coming out of the washroom and stood face to face with an elephant.  I guess that spooked the elephant and it charged Jackson who bolted back into the bathroom.  LOL.  Too funny.  These animals are very dangerous if they charge.

The Serengeti
Wildebeest in the early morning light

I want one as a pet!!

We then arrived at the gates to the Ngorogoro National Park where we saw several baboons running along the road.  I wanted to take a photo of one in particular so Felix stopped and backed the truck up.  We had our windows rolled down.  I turned around for some reason and there was a baboon hanging off the rear driver’s side window searching the inside of the vehicle for food.  They are known for snatch and run tactics out of unsuspecting safari goers vehicles.  We parked at the gates and got out, me to stretch and Felix to get the park permits.  No sooner was he gone there were two huge baboons running directly toward me! I dove into the truck as the passed within 5 feet, the one chasing the other up into a tree.  Wow, those animals can run and climb!!

Jim Fowler.  :)

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