Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 14 - Uxmal to Bacalar

RobT:  Another amazing day in Mexico!  Wow!!

The ruins at Uxmal were staggering!!  Absolutely incredible!!  The detail in the stone work we have never seen before.  Very ornate.  A large pre-Columbian city of the Mayan civilization.  Yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Historians say it was founded in 500AD and had a population of 25,000 people. 

  The Adivino (Pyramid of the Magician)

Stairs up the back side of the Pyramid of the Magician.

RobC trying to find video mode on his camera.  A Polish tourist ended up helping him out.  :)

We stopped by a roadside "restaurant" and ordered some authentic Mexican food.  The owner came out and chatted with us ... RobC, that is.  He showed us how to eat properly, with tortillas.  You start with a steaming hot tortilla, lay in some liquid bean, then the meat , then some avocado and finally some hot sauce.  There is an order to it, who knew?  :)

The blue tint is the huge Pepsi canopy overhead, not my white balance. :)

The road was a two lane secondary blacktop through the jungles of the Yucatan.  Temp for the day was, are you sitting down ... 36 Celsius (almost 100 F) !!!  The ventilation of the motorcycle jackets worked well if you were moving but you cooked the minute you stopped.  We had our first rain since we started the trip two weeks ago.  It was a VERY welcome shower, things cooled off from 36 to 28 Celsius.

 Some houses in the villages we passed along the way.

We ended the day at a place called Hotelito La Ceiba in Bacalar, about 30  minutes from the Belize border..  We were told a hurricane was heading for Belize.  Tropical Storm Richard is making its way up the Honduran coast toward Belize and expected to reach hurricane status Sunday when it reaches Belize.  We were told by a local to get into Belize tomorrow and sit tight till it passes.  Keep you all posted .......

A video clip that should have been posted yesterday (because that's when it occurred) but the connection was by carrier pigeon so I'm posting it today from Belize.


  1. Hope all goes well as you wait out the hurricane. I've been thru a number of hurricanes, but always hunkered down behind hurricane shutters, concrete walls, etc. Don't get blown away! Your pictures are awesome.

  2. Very effective report on Uxmal with unusually convincing photos.
    You might enjoy exploring further with some of these.

  3. Well timed that perfectly (if you were trying to experience a hurricane first-hand)!!! Guess this is the 'Adventure' part? I assume you were able to find a good place to bunk? They were getting all the tourists out over the weekend, according to msnbc. Hope the bikes fared well... Where'd you stash them?

  4. Where are you finding internet access: ritzy hotels or Starbucks along the way? :)

  5. Yes we did time it perfectly. LOL. It ran the same path we were going to. We stayed in a hotel built of cement. :) all good.

  6. Rob T(urton?) You can find internet access just about anywhere but it may be slower than carrier pigeon.