Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 3 - Texarkana to San Antonio

RobT:  Left Texarkana but not without a history lesson from Jim.  According to him we were in Texas illegally until said lesson was provided. By the way, RobC first met Jim on a recent riding trip in the Peruvian jungle, where poor Jim crashed due to a flat front tire, busted a rib and punctured a lung, and went home prematurely.

US 77 and 79 were the highlights.  Nice secondary, two lane country roads with a speed limit of 70mph (which means 80 is acceptable too)!!!!  In Canada you'd get crucified for doing 128kph on an 80kph road!  Man I love Texas!!!

RobC:  For lunch we up up with an old friend, Stu Carlson, also from Peru days in the 70's. He and his family live in Palestine (pron. PA-les-teen in Texan). Stu is a great photographer and recently lived for 8 years in Nigeria, so we had a lot to talk about over some excellent Chinese food and "ahs thea."

RobT:  9pm San Antonio, Tequila's Restaurant ... ya ... thats a burrito, Texas style!!!

 RobC's meal ....

... apparently it comes with a prize of a free Blackberry.


  1. That Blackberry looks so good, does it come with guac!

  2. All 33 miners are out! What a triumph for Chile!!