Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 2 - St Louis to Texarkana

RobT:  Left our quaint tranquility of the Motel 6 and hit I-55 South. Detoured after Festus,  Missouri, to reach US-67 for a more scenic road towards Little Rock, AR.

During the course of the day, RobC and I couldn’t help noticing how well the trip has been going ... for the most part. Sunny days, high temps (around 30 to 32 degrees celcius, that's about 90 Fahrenheit  for all the American readers), nice, smooth roads, affable people .... it can only gets worse from here on. :)

The old man needs his rest .... :)

Bike dealership we found totally by accident while looking for Jim's place. Downtown (old part) Texarkana. Replaced my gloves here.

RobC:  Jim Peek, foreground right - great host and very funny guy, who obviously enjoys life and loves his wife! Left foreground is my old friend Tim Townsend (Towner) from Peru days in the 70's - he looks like Papa Hemingway. Great to see him again.

RobT: After reaching Jim and Anita’s place outside Texarkana and receiving a warm welcome followed by a tour of our rooms and shower facilities, which, we were told was the first thing we should do as there was a party in the works. I guess after three days in the same clothes I may need to change or start washing them ... It's gonna be a long six months ... 15 great people showed up at the party,  the food was amazing, BBQ beef, grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon, salad with strawberries, fresh hot buns, beer, wine, dessert and it goes on!

RobT the videographer somewhere on US 67


  1. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin', we gonna do what they say can't be done
    lol sorry I couldn't help myself, you going through Texarkana and all.. :)

  2. LMAO! Too funny Syd! Thanks for the laugh kiddo.
    Love Dad