Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THIS IS IT!!!!!!

The time has come, 4 days!! ..... seems like so long ago we started talking about this and now its almost here. Still not feeling the impact of what we have taken on.

People keep asking, "Has it hit yet?", "Are you pumped?", "You puking?".

Oddly enough, no, not for me. Not sure why other than maybe in some sub conscious level I still can't believe this is actually about to happen. Not nervous, not excited, no butterflies (they have been killed off long ago by various amounts and varieties of alcohol), nothing really other than the occassional, "What have I got left to do?" and the seemingly repetative phrase, "See you in the spring." as I bid farewell to friends and family.

My guess is, as I have told many, the enormity of it all will hit when we reach the Mexican border.

BTW, no Adrienne, no "side effects" or acne from all the drugs although I have developed a peculiar affinity for walking in circles ..... that may just be the wine.


  1. keep posting with pics, trip of a lifetime!

  2. Hey Bud, git-er-done "Serby" lol. Y'all have a blast and yes, KEEP POSTING and lots of pics eh!!!