Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 9 - Side trip to Guanajuato by bus

RobT:  We decided on a side trip for the day but with a twist .... experience what public transit is like in Mexico.  The bus system between towns is sophisticated an luxurious.  The bus we we took from Querétaro to the famous colonial city of Guanajuato was far superior than anything back home!  The buses were punctual, you get a beverage before you board, they have TV, AC and the seats!!!  Fully reclinable just like a lazy boy lounge chair!  I actually fell asleep and was rested when we arived.  All for $24 on a 200 km return trip.  I understand some buses even have internet access so you can link up with your notebook.

Vehicles and pedestrians share these tunnels through the mountain, into the city

One of the exits from the tunnels into the historic city.

Ernesto mentioned that when entering the historic part of Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you travel through some tunnels.  Well ..... we were not prepared for this maze of subterranean carriage ways.  We were told some were upwards of 250 years old.  They criss-cross each other while winding through the mountain until it emerged into the historic part of the city.  There are actually underground intersections but no traffic lights or signs.  Incredible!  Apparently, a river flowed through the original tunnel but it was re-routed further underground and the original was turned into a carriage way.

RobC sitting on a balcony table overlooking the Plaza trying to figure out what to eat. The choice was individual four-season pizza and canalones for me.

RobC:  The city of Guanajuato was in the midst of a Cervantes festival -  you know, the fellow who wrote Don Quijote, El hombre de la Mancha. Miguel de Cervantes is as famous in the Spanish-language world as Shakespeare is in the Anglo world. Each year Guanajuato invites different countries to be guests of honor in the theater events - this year they invited Chile, Argentina and Colombia.

The city is full of art and artists - of all types and from all over the world.

RobT:  The town was in the midst of the Festival Internacional Cervantino, an annual festival of performing arts and culture celebrating the cultural contributions of Miguel de Cervantes.  The old town was filled with cobble stone path ways and streets.  Mexican flags and banners were ubiquitous.  People spilling out onto the streets from side cafes and little shops that are really nooks in the wall.  Street performers and musicians dotted the Plazas.  Artisans lined the curbs selling their goods.  The smell of food filled the air.

Today I tried something new ..... crunchy, lime- and chili-seasoned grasshoppers.  They are called chapulines and come from the Oaxaca area.  Little on the tangy side with the seasoning, but other than that it was very tasty!!  The square dish on the far right of the table holds the delicious treats.

RobC:  I tried to sneak a picture of this guy with a long lense and when he noticed me from afar, he started hamming it up and posing with his country cheeses.

One of the many side streets. Steep  cobble stone streets and colorful houses in all stages of (dis)repair.

Neat little cafe ... the white sign on the right read .... "La Vida Sin Ti - abierto desde ayer por penas de amor", translation, "Life Without You - open since yesterday due to heartbreak."

Another Plaza

... and another one.

One of the many shops along the streets.


  1. Hi RobC and RobT - looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Wonderful pictures!


  2. I think you two should synchronize your spelling... (My choice is Cervantes.)

  3. Okay, Dick, but I did look up " Shakespeare"! And I'll bet you looked over your comment at least a couple of times to make sure you were not committing the inevitable. :-)

  4. Rob, in keeping with the Cervantes connection, which one of the two of you is Don Quijote and which one is Sancho Panza? [g]

  5. Looks like things are starting to finally come together lol, you guys have some great shots already :)
    and dad, stop worrying, relax and have fun it is a holiday after all.


  7. Amazing photos guys, such a rich environment for photos ops!!! Keep it up!